[TAKE ME to THE STARS…..] The Start of My New Friendship

The ever longer wish of my life is to have a girl who is just like me. This short story "Take me to Stars" will let you know whether I got the same sort of girl or not.
Aug 25th, 2009

It was a wonderful rainy day. I was admiring the dewdrops slipping from the leaves from the window. It was 10 A.M in the morning. Next session was Mr.Beam Boy’s GM (Graphics and Multimedia), and he started vomiting the sentences from the book. I got bored with the classes as usual, so I decided to bunk the college by noon. I asked my friends for a movie, but the theatres were running the same old movies. I planned to go home and have a nap. 
It was 5 PM, and my mom’s voice came into my ears "Karthick Karthick Get up.. ". She woke me up with a tasty coffee, and I'm damn sure that nothing can be comparable to my Mom's coffee. It was brimful and had …

Money.. Money.. Money..!!!!!

Money moves everything in the world, and I recently heard or confronted more about monetary value. 

Daughter makes her mom live with her since her mom gets a pension. A Groom wisely chooses a girl who is the only child in her family. Bride's family give their daughter only if the groom owns a house. People gifts often to enlarge and retain their friends' circle. Mom favors one child among others based on assets. People, who belong to a higher class, can easily shut others' mouth or could easily criticize others whose status is lower. 

People weigh other's knowledge based on their background. You will be respected or honored only if you lend money in other's difficult situation regardless of your tough circumstances. People treat their friend nicely if he/she works in the renowned company or famous in his/her field by money. Parents consider that children are only intelligent if they study in top schools or college. A friend accepts friendship if he/she could invest m…

A Bad Listener Story

Let's begin the story of the bad listener!!

My husband(Sivy) and I decided to write any English language proficiency test to get AUS PR, and as our prejudice was PTE is easy to crack compared with IELTS, we decided to go for it.

Without any hesitation, I booked my exam on Oct, 6th 2018 to know where I stand. Before the exam week, I watched all E2 videos from youtube. It was too difficult for me to understand the pattern itself and to remember when to write, speak, read, and listen. Listening was like Greek & Latin to me, so I listened to one thing and wrote different thing completely which I didn't realize for a few months.

After the first devastating attempt, I just gave up and never thought of writing PTE for four months. I got to know about Nakul Gowda & Skills PTE Academic in the month of February through Sivy's friend, and I started exploring the reviews on facebook. Without much delay, I enrolled only for speaking initially in Skills PTE Academic online clas…

PTE Mock & Real Exam Experience

Don't miss to read my 8th attempt and what PTE expects!! Mock Experience        

Date 7 Apr 2019 Scored Test A 14 Apr 2019 Scored Test B 14 Jul 2019 Scored Test A 21 Jul 2019 Scored Test C Listening 69 72 74 70 Reading 66 69 73 79 Speaking