A Trip to Kodagu

Sivy and I suddenly wanted to break the mundane city life to have a "US" time in different weather. So, we got away from the eleven to nine run-of-the-mill job which was slowly devouring us. So, we planned for Kodagu/Coorg trip. 

Hence, In this post, I would be sharing our experience and the photos of the few places we visited.
Namdroling/Tibetan Monastery

It was popularly called as Golden Temple because of the attracting tall gold-plated Buddha statues in the monastery. 

The wall paintings depicted the Buddhist mythology, and I really loved the ceilings. This place was worth a visit as we had so many shopping centers in and around to buy Tibetan showpieces.

Isn't it such a cute pose to kick anyone who pokes their nose into others' privacy?

The landscaped gardening was undoubtedly a treat to eyes.

Raja Seat
It was refreshing visiting this viewpoint due to the mist. As the wind was too high, it didn't let us stand still to take pictures.  

The Paradise "Chingaara"

Indeed, Chingaara was another paradise to enjoy the peace and harmony with nature. The complete remoteness of the place brought in the tranquil atmosphere. I wondered how could Sivy exactly find the place which I demanded.

Chingaara was nestled in the hills like amidst the forest, and it was raining all day as we visited in the month of July.

We wanted it to be dark though it was already dawn which brought the dense fog.

The home was aesthetically constructed with exposed laterite stones which made it more alluring. I loved the large windows which provided light in the morning and warmth in the night during the monsoon, and the amenities in the place were adequate. 

It felt like a home where we played indoor games, read books, munched evening snacks, etc., in the tidy wooden tables. 

While we were playing the Ludo, sudden whoops of delight from a group of boys took us outside. The guys were playing volleyball in the rain. Yes, Chingaara had the volleyball court as well. Who doesn't wan…